Visa Service

Visa Service

  CMB would like to invite you to join this exclusive webinar, with a guest speaker from Pathway USA, to discuss a variety of topics we feel are important for you to consider in your EB-5 immigration plan to the United States. CMB’s CEO and Founder, Patrick Hogan, has always had the mindset: "take care of the client first and we will both achieve success." Our dedication to our clients starts now with educating them on the EB-5 process and does not stop when they make the decision to invest in CMB; we continue to prove our dedication throughout the entire EB-5 journey together.


The webinar is free of charge and exclusive to prospective investors that have shown interest in a CMB EB-5 investment. During the webinar, CMB’s Vice President Ky Boyle will be providing insight into current immigration timelines, present what makes CMB unique, and provide helpful information that is most relevant in this unique time. We have invited Dianne Stewart, President of Pathway USA, to specifically discuss what to consider when you and your family are relocating to the United States. Pathway USA has the expertise and professional know-how to assist individuals and families with every aspect of their move to the United States. The webinar will feature these topics in addition to a question and answer forum at the conclusion of the event:


The EB-5 Investment – My Family’s Dream

Current updates on COVID-19

Why CMB is the leader in EB-5?

Current EB-5 Opportunity: CMB Group 75

Settling in America – Where can I live?

What must I do first? Is there a checklist?

What about my children – When can I enroll them in schools?

How do I get a Driver’s License?

How do I purchase a home?


As the leader in the EB-5 industry, CMB continues to work diligently to develop, improve and design ways to help our clients achieve all of their EB-5 goals. We enjoy working hard to help our clients and their families prepare for their exciting new lives in America.

We hope this will be helpful in assisting you in your decision to make an EB-5 investment – it is a life changing decision that provides you and your family a path to U.S. permanent residency.


Our mission at CMB has always been to put the investor’s goals in front of all else and CMB continues to do just that. It is great to be part of our investors’ success and continue to help them reach their EB-5 goals.” – Noreen Hogan, CMB President.