Travel Visa

Travel Visa

travel agencies provide International Student Identification Cards (ISIC) which offer discounts and specials for student travelers.

Travel agents help students find opportunities and special rates for future travel. Student travel agencies specialize in travel opportunities and discounts for student travelers.

Even in the age of the internet, it can be useful to speak to an agent at an actual travel agency. There is no charge to visit or call a travel agent. Some questions to ask your travel agent:

  • • Does flying into or out of a different city (near my intended destination) make a difference in cost?
  • • Are there lower fares on certain days of the week?
  • • Is there a price difference between direct flights vs. flights with layovers? Are there flights with free layovers?
  • • Does length of stay matter? (even a few days can make a difference) Does the date make a difference? (the cost of flights usually varies greatly depending on the time of the year, known to travel agents as low, shoulder and high seasons) How soon do I have to pay to lock in this particular fare?
  • • Are student/youth/faculty discounts available?

  • Does the cost of airfare differ for arriving in one overseas city and departing from another? (e.g. flying into London and out of Rome).