Canada is one of the few nations who have higher education levels. It is also having some of the best colleges and universities in the world. Many international students prefer Canada over some other countries for their education dream. To study in Canada as student, candidates require study permit which allows international students to study at the designated institutions. Often people misunderstood study permit with visa, study permit does not allow one to Canada. It only allows to study, one has to obtained temporary resident visa to enter Canada along with study permit. Study permit is usually valid for the length of your study program, plus an extra 90 days. This extra time lets you prepare to leave Canada or apply to extend your stay.

Every province and territory is having their own education system. Normally, Primary schools teach student from grades 1 to 8 and secondary schools teaches student from grades 9 to 12. Every primary and secondary schools can enroll international students.

After secondary school, students can reenroll in post-secondary school for further higher studies. Every post secondary school has its own rule for application, fees, language proficiency, acceptance methods etc. Post-secondary schools can be categorized into following sections:

  • • Colleges
  • • Universities
  • • Private career colleges and
  • • Vocational and technical schools

  • Every Provinces and territories has approved list of institutions that can enroll the foreign nationals students. These schools are known as Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). For getting the study permit, candidate must need to obtain acceptance letter from any of the designated learning institution where candidate intend to study. All primary and secondary schools in Canada are part of designated learning institution.