This Program allows candidates to migrate to Canada permanently on the basis of self-employment. There are certain criteria candidates need to meet before becoming eligible to apply. They are

  • • Able to self-employed in Canada
  • • Experience in Cultural or Athletics
  • • Willing to contribute in cultural or athletic life in Canada

  • Self-employed means the candidates should have the relevant experience for at least 2 years in the field of Cultural or Athletics. The experience is later than 5 years before the date of application and during entire process of application. Depending on the number of years of experience, candidates will get an additional point which helps in qualifying their application.

    There are certain minimum requirements needs to be met to become eligible for this stream. Experience can be either in the field of Cultural Activities or in Athletics. The criteria can be of like this.

  • • Two - One year experience as a self-employed in the field of cultural activities or athletics
  • • Has participated at a world-class level either in cultural activities or athletics during the period of experience
  • • Combination of 1 year period either in cultural activities or athletics
  • Overall the candidates get the points based on the below factors. It is divided into total 100 points and candidates need to obtain minimum 35 points to become eligible to apply.
  • • Age
  • • Education
  • • Experience
  • • Language Ability (English / French)
  • • Adaptability